What kind of Spiritual Support do we offer?

Spirituality is at the heart of the Terminus Initiative.  


We offer prayer and opportunities for faith exploration for those who desire it. Spiritual support is important for many local residents. 

This may come in the form of:

  • Individual prayer support and listening with an appropriate volunteer. 

  • Daily prayer by the Cafe volunteers as they gather round the Prayer Tree each morning and afternoon. 

  • Prayer Mornings  which are held regularly at the Cafe on Saturdays  for people to drop in for a drink and to ask for prayer.

  • Access to our Prayer Room for those who wish to spend some quiet moments there using the resources available for personal reflection.

  • Opportunities to participate in a monthly Peacemeal on a Saturday evening.  Sharing conversation, a simple meal and reflecting on a story from the Gospels. 

  • Celebrating Christmas with our popular Carols and Mince Pie event in the Cafe on the last December afternoon opening.  

Contact us about Spiritual Support

Requests for spiritual support, participation in the Peacemeal and Prayer Mornings or partnering with us for an event can be made to any of the Cafe supervisors on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays or by contacting the office.

Terminus Prayer

The terminus is

not where we stay,

it is the beginning

of a new journey. 

It is where we

reach out beyond

where we experience

new adventures. 

It is where we get off

to enter new territory,

explore are horizons,

to extend our whole being.

It is a place

touching the future.

It opens up new vistas.

It is the gateway to eternity. 

David Adam

Celtic Prayers

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